Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls

Green Room – avocado, alkaline water, apple juice, frozen mango, kale, lemon

Lucious Lavender – blueberries, avocado, seed butter, date, lavender, cashew milk

Local Berry – avocado, berries, kale, date, apple juice (add acai $1)

Maca Bomb – banana, maca powder, peanut butter, ginger, date, cinnamon, nut milk

Pinkalicious – strawberry, banana, cashew milk, date

Cacao Cacao – banana, cacao, cacao nibs, dates, cashew milk, sea salt (add nut butter $1)

Pineapple Sunrise – pineapple, coconut, goji berries, lucuma, coconut water

*all smoothies can be served as a bowl with homemade granola, fresh fruit and superfoods on top.
*add bee pollen, cacao nibs, mulberries, chia seeds, nut butter, kale or a probiotic boost (house made milk or water kefir)

Hand Pressed Juice



Harvest Cafe Menu

Mexi Cali Breakfast Bowl – rice, beans, sautéed veggies, topped with fried egg (or vegan with avocado) and a vegan spicy cashew sauce

Protein Porridge – oat, quinoa, whole buckwheat groats, cashew milk and cinnamon topped with almond butter and fresh fruit *gf

Cashew Yogurt Parfait – served with a seasonal fruit cobbler *gf *v

Quinoa Bowl – quinoa, garbanzo beans, roasted sweet potato, sautéed kale, and onions topped with chimmichurri sauce & pickled carrots *v *gf

Breakfast Salad – local greens, dill potatoes, cucumbers, fried egg, pickled onions with a apple cider lemon vinaigrette *gf

Vegan Buckwheat Waffle – served with a seasonal fruit compote, maple syrup and vanilla cashew cream *v *gf

Banana Oat Waffle – served with fresh fruit, maple syrup and vanilla cashew cream *gf

Pizza – buckwheat, sweet potato crust with a house made pizza sauce topped with seasonal veggies and you’re choice of cheese or vegan cheese *gf

Egg and Avocado Smorgas – open faced egg and avocado sandwich on a our sour dough bread (gluten free and vegan versions available)

Vegan Tacos – Jackfruit, onion, bell pepper house salsa topped with fresh cabbage and cilantro *v *gf

Nut Butter Toast – with maple and cinnamon served on our sourdough bread (gluten free bread available)

Grilled Veggie Toast – toasted sourdough bread with roasted red pepper hummus topped with spicy roasted veggies. (option to add egg or gluten free bread)

Harvest Edgy Veggie Burger – seasonal everything served with side salad *v 

Savory Waffle – sweet potato rainbow chard waffle served with a warm mango jalapeño chutney

Vegan Ice Cream – coconut based, your choice of vanilla or mocha

Salad of the Day – rotates daily from what is in season

Soup of the Day – rotates daily from what is in season

Sandwich of the Day – rotates daily from what is in season

We also have a great togo selections with cold pressed juices, house made cashew milk, breakfast parfaits, veggies and wraps.