Harvest Coffee

Harvest Coffee We are really excited to announce our new partnership with George that will now be roasting our very own coffee, harvest coffee. We have been pairing different roasts with our [...]

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms | Adaptogens Here in the western world we are constantly finding out new things about nutrition.  We are constantly on a search for what is good for us.   What can we eat to [...]


George Wickham is one of our baristas but also our very own coffee roaster. He started to work with coffee about 6 years ago. Not knowing that 6 years later he will be deep into the industry and [...]

Digestive system

How many calories? how many grams of sugar? How much fat? Do you recognize the questions? How much salt? I cant have this and that? Yes all the above is good to know but in the end it does not [...]


Does it have sugar in it? Is agave bad for me? Honey is not vegan right? What about coconut sugar? Maple syrup? Stevia is a plant right? So many choices?! We have made the choice here at harvest [...]


Tatiane Canali is one of our employees that has been with us since day one. She was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the states a few months before our opening. She spends 4 days in the [...]


Matcha – We are stepping up our matcha game! There are many different grades of matcha, depending on where and how it is grown and how it is picked. There are two well known categories [...]


We would like to introduce Regina Weaver our head cook. She is from Morro Bay and has a skill that is rare to find: staying calm and productive in the chaos of Harvest cafe’s Saturday rush. [...]


Worldwide, coffee is the second most consumed beverage other than water. We love our locally roasted Bent Penny & Eucalyptus & Pine coffee here at Harvest cafe. But how do our bodies and [...]

Robert & Ulrika

Every month we will introduce one of Harvest cafe’s amazing team members. We are a total of 12 and could not do any of this without any of them. We do realize that we have never introduced [...]