Thank you for the privilege!

Harvest Cafe is a community-based, organic and locally sourced cafe in the westside neighborhood of Ventura, California.

Our mission at Harvest cafe is to serve the healthiest possible cuisine from local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious sources.

Harvest Cafe Manifesto

Harvest cafe promises to be a true farm to table restaurant, serving only the freshest produce, arriving daily from farms in the Ventura area. All of our ingredients will be organic, and grown as close to our location as possible.

We will also take into account the long term sustainability of the farming operations from which we source our produce, showing preference to smaller family owned farms and those who use water more efficiently.

We will always value the health of our customers over profit margins, and will make ingredient choices based on those values.

We will make a concerted effort to educate our customers about health benefits of the foods they eat, and show them new and beneficial ingredient options to improve the foods that they already enjoy.

Our hope is that we can make an impact in the way that people think about food, inspiring them to make incremental changes that will benefit their health and the health of our environment.

We hope to demonstrate that food choices have a great effect on our planet, and that food choices can also be environmental choices.